Are you a fan of games which feature heroes fighting evil masterminds like those from Marvel and DC universe? Fighting villains never gets boring, right? The game was released in 2013, and it became surprisingly popular in relatively short period. Since it was released, the game accumulated a player database of over 5 million users on Play Store so far. Wondering whats so special about this game?

As resources are the biggest factor for how fast you progress in this game. It’s natural to assume that you’ll need hacks and cheats for it in order to avoid spending real money. So how do you get these cheats? Let’s find out.

Android vs. different platforms

Won’t it be amazing if Marvel Super Heroes would be real? Unfortunately, these are comic book characters and appear only in movies, cartoons, books, and games. It’s your choice how will you experience your game session. The game is made for many platforms like PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX One, iOS and of course Android mobile device.


Based on the number of users, the game is very addictive, and you’ll naturally want to upgrade your favorite hero very fast. To do this, you’ll need to buy or earn in-game currency and spend on acquiring new abilities or heroes. Being that official game has an enviable security system that allows only verified game data to be transferred into resources, it can be hard to acquire them with cheats and hacks. This is exactly why Marvel Puzzle Quest Cheats Android uses complex coding algorithms to avoid detection from official games security services.

Why do you need Marvel Puzzle Quest Cheats?

Without gold coins, you can’t upgrade your favorite super hero and make him stronger.Winning tournaments and matches alone is not enough to progress in this game. Like in every game, in Marvel Puzzle Quest you have to spend real money to make some progress. Thanks to crafty developers now you can use Marvel Puzzle Quest Hack and make your gameplay more interesting.

With this online system, you can add to your profile account free hero points as much as you want. A fascinating thing about this hack and cheat system is that you don’t have to spend money anymore on the in-game purchases. Using this software is totally free of charge! The best part is that safety of your data is guaranteed. Just visit developers web page, follow the instruction step by step, and you don’t have to worry about any installations or software reboots.

How to get Marvel Puzzle Quest Free Hero Points

Quality RPG leveling of your favorite Marvel character can be managed through few steps by accessing online generator. Go to developers site, enter your username/E-mail and select hack button. You will be directed to a page where you can enter the required among of Hero Points or other resources.

After this, simply click on the ‘Generate’ button and free points will be added to your profile.

Features of Hack and Cheats system

The system itself is very easy to use due to Anti Ban security system that is undetectable by official software’s defense parameters. Online generator gets you free points for your best gaming experience. Passwords are not needed and software website updates database for latest versions. What is more interesting system works for locked and unlocked iOS devices, and it’s also compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

Other Hack and Cheats systems

Many hacking tools on the internet will lure you into using their software to get more free hero points. Because of the safety of your private data, you have to be very cautious before downloading any cheat tools. Do your research, make sure that the hacking system has the Anti Ban service associated with its use. Keep in mind that using unverified codes for Marvel Puzzle quest might get you banned. If a hack tool requires from you to pay for their services, you should immediately leave their domain and continue your search for valid hacks as this one is clearly as a scam. Mentioned hack tool should also be free from any ads which can ruin your gameplay experience, cover the screen and cause the trouble to graphics of the game.

All you need to know about the game

It’s a fun puzzle game which even youngsters can play. The game features Marvel characters with special powers, Super Villains on the other side and diamond board on the bottom of the screen. The game itself it’s not so difficult, and you don’t need any special strategies to play through the game storyline. Every hero has a special power bar with critical hit damage. With powers from Iron Man and full potential of Storm and Hulk, Dr. Doom has no chance in the match. By matching three gems of the same color with the same hero symbol, power bar gets loaded and ready for critical destruction. By constructing three gems in a row, you’ll automatically get a special gem for critical hits, that naturally, deal more damage. When you win the match, as a reward you get another super hero with different powers and more gold tokens.  


To conclude, Marvel Puzzle Quest is a free and easy-to-play a game that every Marvel fan should have in their collection. Find your favorite heroes, unlock abilities and defeat other players online with a unique combat system. One thing is certain; this game has quite an addictive gameplay despite its basic concept. Once you start playing it, you’ll find it difficult to stop using your phone as the game has so much more ot offer than it might seem. If you haven’t tried it before, and you consider yourself a true Marvel fan. Start by heading to Google Play or App Store and downloading the game.


With games such as this. You will always be tempted to spend real money on the in-game resources that can significantly boost your progress speed. Luckily for you, there is a way to play the game and make progress, without spending a dime. Try out our resource resources and find out for yourself. Whether it’s easier to play these games by cheating or by grinding and spending real money on resources.



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