Do you love strategies? Are you a fan of the Narcos series? Now you can enjoy playing a strategy game on your phone that features characters from the famous Narcos show. The game was developed by FTX Games and released for iOS and Android on August 31, 2016. Since then the game had much success, as the current number of active monthly players can confirm. The gameplay is based on a tower defense principle with recognizable elements from strategy games such as Command & Conquer, Star Craft, Rise of Nations, etc.

Why Should You Use Narcos Cartel Wars Generator?

Narcos Cartel Wars is indeed a unique strategy game that becomes increasingly addictive the more you play it. The game certainly has some qualities to it, and the progress from basic tower defense games to complex strategy real-time war simulations is certainly visible. But despite all that, Narcos Cartel Wars gameplay lacks something far more important than sheer quality features and elements from other previously accomplished game titles.

This game, as well every other similar to it, is designed to lure players into spending real money on the in-game purchases. Because it revolves around managing resources, gathering and accumulating merchandise to expand your empire, it requires invested funds in it. This means that you’ll always be pressured into spending some money in it. Knowing that it’s a partially pay-to-win concept, you’ll gradually lose interest in playing it. But not if you use our generator for resources. With it, you can easily generate as many resources as you want. This means that you’ll never run short on cash or merchandise.

You can use it whenever you want, and no matter how many times you use it on a daily basis, you’ll always get what you request. Progress is actually possible this way, and more importantly, you’ll actually enjoy playing Narcos online free of charge.

About Narcos Cartel Wars Cheats and Hacks

Every software out there, that either generates resources or energy points, stands out by its features. Wondering why this generator became so popular among Narcos Cartel Wars fans? It’s because it actually delivers what it guarantees to provide with each use.

There isn’t cool down on generating resrouces, but what’s more impressive, it secure and easy to use. These features alone are enough to make it stand out among other apps of similar nature.

So what is it that this Narcos online Generator has to offer? Let’s find out.

Online Based

Being that it’s completely online based, it’s easy to understand that this generator performs all task with lightning speed.

Furthermore, this means that you won’t be prompted to install third party software as an addition to using the existing one.

Easy to Use

Narcos resources hack is extremely easy to use. This is something that every fan of this popular mobile game can confirm.


When it comes to using online generators for mobile games, the first question that appears in end user’s mind is whether it’s safe to use it, or not. With our generators, you won’t have to worry about security, malware intrusion or being detected by trusted apps, as the generator was made by the same audience that played the game.  


Respond rate of services which this generator uses is something extremely important to an audience that uses it. This is why the developers invested a considerable amount of time and energy into making it perform surprisingly fast.

About the Game

There are many games that use the same principle as Narcos Cartel Wars, yet few actually become successful titles. Why is that you may ask? Well, there are a couple of elements that make this game title so popular.

It goes without mention that the success of Narcos series affected the success of this game. But if we disregard that, the game actually has quality game mechanics that now only work well, but lure players into spending a considerable amount of time into playing Narcos Cartel Wars.

So how good is the game, exactly?

Game Mechanics

There is a reason why games such as this become ultra-popular short after they’ve been released. That reason has something to do with the fact that these games have quite an addictive gameplay, and that they draw elements from game titles that had success in the past. The goal of creating an intriguing game title, as it seems, is to combine all the quality elements that successful titles had in the past.

And this is a good thing as the developers can filter-out the flaws that are still noticeable in modern games.  In Narcos Cartel Wars you can enjoy in several aspects of the game. You can manage resources and upgrade your empire with economics and trading skills, create a strong and aggressive army that simply takes what they want when they want, or simply play it strategically and become the greatest cartel kingpin that ever lived.

Graphics and Sound

The game doesn’t possess the most advanced graphics, but what it has to offer is pretty appealing and colorful. Units have limited actions, but are neatly presented with clear object boundaries and colors. The sound is extremely important in any game. Luckily, with this game you won’t have to worry about quality sound in gameplay. Every action has a unique and distinct sound. There is also a sense of satisfaction in rewarding sound effects of accomplishing acts and actions.

This is exactly why this game stands out, and why it will continue to lure players to its intriguing gameplay. If you haven’t tried the game before, now it’s time to give it a chance. So go ahead and find it on your App Market or Google Store and start playing as one of the most notorious drug lords of Columbia. Expand your empire by defeating other players, focus on gathering merchandise and become the ultimate trader or simply farm and protect your land and gain your fame and wealth in the amazing world of Narco Cartel Wars.




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